A Catch Up

Posted by Kirsty

Hi everyone

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, September last year! Not sure where the times gone but I’ve been hugely busy since then. The days just simply pass by so quickly with glorious nails.

What’s new? CND Shellac are soon to be releasing a new Shellac that requires no base coat. I’m reserving judgement as the only difference is a quicker removal time. That means less time with my clients which I don’t see as a plus point! I’ll wait and see what feedback nail techs have to say.

Hi everyone,

I know its been so long since I managed to sit at my computer and blog. It really has been such a busy start to 2017, business wise and personally. As I'm back to operating as a 'one man band' I am flat out daily. I had planned to cut my hours this year and start enjoying some leisure time at home but I'm so glad I didn't! I'm thoroughly emjoying the nailing madness and meeting so many new clients.


Lecente Chrome Nails Are Now Available With Pinkies!!

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Hi everyone,

IT'S HERE!!!! The moment I've been waiting for since this craze began. A reputable company has finally released the new chroming system and it just so happens to be Lecente that does work closely with CND. My delivery arrived yesterday and I am so excited. This system is guaranteed for the 14 day duration like Shellac (with Pinkies, it will last three weeks!!) unlike many of the chrome powders out there that are rubbing off after days! I've no doubt this will be a very popular nail choice and with Christmas around the corner, I'm taking bookings for them NOW!


Autumn Update From The Shellac Queen :-)

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Hi everyone

Its been a while since I last blogged, I'm just so busy, I should find the time to keep you all up to date.

Well, the new colours have been received with utter glee! The glitters are the way forward for Autumn I think. Shellac have done us proud this time around. As the autumnal days are upon us, the colour choices change. My pink palette has now taken a back seat and the reds are back in play. Shellac Wildfire will always be my most popular and Shellac Fedora always comes a close second.


Pinkies Most Popular Summer Shades

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Hi everyone,

I'm always asked 'what's your most popular colour?'

Here they are, just for you. They are all CND Shellac colours by season.

Summer 2016

Pink Pursuit
Nude Knickers
Rouge Rite
Satin Pyjamas
Classic French

Winter colours that will come out of hibernation:

Red Baroness
Overtly Onyx

All colours tend to go on a seasonal trend but then, if you're like me, I tend to stick with bright red all year round. We all know what we like and I'm always happy to oblige.