Weddings, Holidays And Proms! Yes Its That Crazy Shellacing Time Of Year!!

Hi everyone,

I know its been so long since I managed to sit at my computer and blog. It really has been such a busy start to 2017, business wise and personally. As I'm back to operating as a 'one man band' I am flat out daily. I had planned to cut my hours this year and start enjoying some leisure time at home but I'm so glad I didn't! I'm thoroughly emjoying the nailing madness and meeting so many new clients.

Acrylics have really taken over. Seeing so many shoddy treatments online, Facebook and in the flesh it still infuriates me that people pay for this! Acrylics are the hardest treatment to get spot on, and yes, they are challenging, but when clients are paying, THEY DESERVE A DECENT JOB! Pinkies will always try to give you the best possible treatment and customer service.

Shellac is still a biggie too. With colour pallets changing with the seasons, pinks and nudes are now the firm favourite with clients. I'm the crazy one that forgets the seasons and has black or red regardless :-))

So, I'll try and pop by soon and blog some more but until then...