A Catch Up

Hi everyone

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, September last year! Not sure where the times gone but I’ve been hugely busy since then. The days just simply pass by so quickly with glorious nails.

What’s new? CND Shellac are soon to be releasing a new Shellac that requires no base coat. I’m reserving judgement as the only difference is a quicker removal time. That means less time with my clients which I don’t see as a plus point! I’ll wait and see what feedback nail techs have to say.

There have been a selection of new Shellac colours, nudes being the favourite choice again this year. With prom season approaching, I’m sure the lovely young girls I meet will be pushing the boundaries with glitters and gems.

Im now taking Christmas bookings (I know!!) so get in quick ladies, they don’t last long! Holidays, proms, weddings.....it’s a busy old time on the Pinkies ship so don’t be dissapointed. Call me or text me on 07756 942043 for any questions and appointments or drop me an email.

Until next time x