Springing Into Summer With Shellac, Gelish and Lecente

Hi everyone,

Its been some time since I've blogged, I really have been so busy!

Whats new?? Well, the new CND Lecente Foils have been so popular with everyone. I've been shocked at the designs some of my regular ladies have chosen. Even the clients that play it safe with their colour choices have gone all out and had really wacky designs on their dress fingers. I'll certainly be investing in some new designs soon. Sarah is still as busy as ever with her acrylic nails. Her client base really has boomed since Christmas. It helps that our application and removal procedures cause nails minimal stress unlike the horrid drilling method used in many high street nail bars. Thankfully over the past few months we have seen less damaged nails with new clients so hopefully, that will continue. CND Shellac and the Gelish maniucures really are a fab way to get your nails back looking glam. Remember, for added strength you can always have the CND Brisa gel overlay. All these treatments are soak off products so again, minimal to no nail damage.

We trialed a 'rent a space' at a local salon which offered a salon based appointment for those clients that preferred it. Having trialed it for around 6 weeks we have decided its just not for us. When we looked back at the amount of mobile business we were actually losing on just a Friday alone and given the fact that working on Saturdays was really quite a pain, we are back to our Monday to Friday mobile appointments. Its worked very successfully for the past 7 years so I have no idea why I decided to change it! As I always say "if it's not broken, don't fix it!" :-) Lesson learned there!!

Holidays are looming. My first of this year is in 17 days and counting. I cant wait for some sunshine, family time and plenty of relaxation. Sarah will be on hand with the diary so keep her busy ladies :-))) I'm pretty much booked up now until the 13th May but do still call, I do have the odd time free.

All in all, there's no grumbles from us at the Pinkies camp so far this year.....and long may it continue.

Kirsty xx