Goodbye 2014!! Hello 2015 And A New Pink Lady.

Hi everyone,

Not long left of 2014 and what a year. I'm very fortunate and have to say it's been a great year for me. Every New Year Eve I always hope that it'll be another year of good health for everyone that touches my life. This year Ive met some lovely new people but one in particular has been an amazing inspiration to me. She had a double masectomy earlier this year and decided, while under her treatment, to have her nails done on a regular basis. Over these months we''ve built a wonderful friendship and sharing this journey with her has been a valuable lesson in life for me too. So to everyone who takes time to read these blogs, have a wonderful, healthy, happy New Year!!

I start 2015 with a new girl, Sarah. Things with Gemma didn't work out and Sarah is a very close friend who loves doing nails and is great with people so I am delighted she's on board with me. She offers NSI Acrylic, NSI Gel, Gelish and pedicures.

So that's it. Bye bye 2014!! I've had a great year.....heres hoping 2015 throws pretty much the same at me.