Acrylic! Acrylic! Acrylic! Safe Acrylic Treatments ARE HERE!!!

Hi everyone,

Yes, we now offer acrylic!!! I'm a massive advocate of nail health and have always been so anti-acrylic. Having met my new Pinkies recruit I've actually come to realise that like any treatment, correct applications and removals of any product do not damage the nail. I think over time and seeing so many horror stories with acrylic, I'd just resigned myself to the fact that nobody could apply it correctly and that damage was inevitable. Wrong!!!! The high street nail bars have very much given acrylic, and Shellac for that matter, a very bad name!

Gemma is highly trained in acrylic sculpting and has all the correct qualifications and insurance. I'm happy in the knowledge that she will provide the same service I have built up and will use her professional expertise with each client she visits. So fear not WILL NOT get nail bar standard nails and you will not be subjected to possible infection and poor workmanship. You will receive the Pinkies Promise that whatever treatment you chose, it will be the best!!

So ladies, you can knock yourselves out with 3d nail art, rock stars, gems and patterns. I'm sure you will all join in welcoming Gemma and wish her luck as she builds her Pinkies client base up.