CND Shellac Nails - Manicures and Toes

This video is courtesy of CND

Your Shellac manicure will be carried out by a qualified and fully insured Shellac technician, giving you peace of mind that you are getting 'the real deal'.

Shellac was launched in May 2009 and took the nail industry by storm. In essence it is a 14 day, chip free, high shine nail varnish. It really is that simple. There is no damaging procedure in the application or removal and all of the products we use here at Pinkies, are genuine and via an official CND stockist.

What are the benefits of Shellac?

  • Strengthens like a gel, looks like a varnish
  • No damage to your natural nail, no drilling!
  • Promotes and strengthens natural nails
  • High shine varnish in a wide range of finishes
  • 14 day chip free guarantee!
  • No bulky cuticle regrowth like gels and acrylics

In all my years of using this product, I can safely say that I have never worked with anything as amazing as Shellac. I am trained in both acrylic and most gels but my recommendation for anyone who enquires about having their nails manicured, is CND Shellac. Shellac comes in some amazing colours which can be mixed, glittered and French finished. The result is that of a varnish, its durability is that of a gel and more importantly, YOU can remove it at anytime. I will tell you how to do this safely at home without causing stress or damage to your nails.

In a nutshell, CND Shellac is revolutionary. I certainly didn't believe it when I heard about it all those years ago but take my word for it, once you've had your first Shellac manicure with Pinkies (that can last upto 4 weeks!) you won't regret it.

All the products that Pinkies use are 'soak off'. We do not use drills to remove any of our products. Our removal is simple, damage free and much kinder to your nail.


Nail Treatment & Prices Buy A Voucher As A Gift?
CND Shellac Toes (Colour or French) £25.00
CND Shellac Manicure (Colour or French) £25.00
Lecente Foils (ring finger set) w/ Shellac Manicure £28.00
CND Shellac Rockstar Manicure (Glitter) £30.00
CND Shellac Additives Manicure (Ombre Gradient) £30.00
Lecente Foils (full set) w/ Shellac Manicure £35.00
CND Shellac Hands and Feet £50.00

Meet The Shellac Colours

Bare Chemise
Beckoning Begonia
Black Pool
Blue Rapture
Burnt Romance
Butterfly Queen (Glitter)
Cake Pop
Clay Canyon
Clearly Pink
Crimson Sash
Dark Lava
Electric Orange
Faux Fur
Field Fox
Fine Vermilion
Fragrant Feesia (Glitter)
Grape Gum
Grapefruit Sparkle (Glitter)
Hot Chilis
Hot Pop Pink
Iced Coral (Iridescent)
Iced Vapor (Glitter)
Lilac Longing
Lobster Roll
Lost Labyrinth
Midnight Swim
Mint Convertible
Mother of Pearl (Glitter)
Night Glimmer (Pearlescent)
Nordic Lights (Glitter)
Nude Knickers
Overtly Onyx
Pink Bikini
Pretty Poison
Purple Purple
Red Baroness
Rock Royalty
Rose Brocade
Rose Bud
Salmon Run
Satin Pajamas
Strawberry Smoothie
Sugared Spice
Sultry Sunset
Tango Passion
Tinted Love
Tutti Frutti
Vexed Violette