Shellac, Gelish, Acrylic, Brisa Gel! All These Choices!!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well. Its been a busy time for me since I last blogged but thankfully, I can take a little rest for a couple of weeks as the start of November is usually quieter. You ladies tend to leave booking your nails in towards the end of November! It does mean I get more time at home with my special people and I get to catch up with friends too.

So, as always, Im going to do my usual nagging and make sure you have all booked in your Christmas nails. Whether it be a Shellac manicure, Gelish manicure, Acrylics or Gels, you NEED TO GET THEM BOOKED IN! I can't stress enough how many ladies do get turned away during December because we just can't fit them in. I am grateful to have Gemma on board this year so I home we can accommodate more of you lovelies this year.

My week countdown has begun. This time next week I will be packing my case for our return trip to New York! We'll be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in style and reliving some of our honeymoon memories with my daughter and nephew. Its a trip we've been planning for a year and we are all so excited. Its a really special city and it should be shared with special people.

So, I will catch up on my return with a few pictures too.

Until next time xx